Many people dream of a terrace where they can receive guests and just enjoy their time in the yard. A well-built and landscaped yard can be the perfect place to relax and have fun.

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First, decide on the size of the terrace and separate the space from your garden. Make a plan or schedule that includes everything you like and most importantly let the builder know what needs to be done. It is important to decide whether the yard is primarily glass or brick. The balance of these two would be ideal. You can choose a terrace with a brick back wall and a glass door on three sides. Or you can make the back and side walls of brick and make just the front glass door.

The paved yard is also great with braai space. To see that you are building this unit yourself (well with the help of a builder), you can make a braai terrace. The braai stand can be built of brick in any pattern you want. It can be single or double braai. A mini-workstation could be built next to it. It all depends on your imagination. When designing it, remember that it must also be functional.

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If you are planning to have a lot of fun, at least it is also a good idea. There are also options here. You can make a bar on the terrace or make a free-standing wooden bar. The advantage of a free-standing wooden bar is that it can be moved. So, if you decide to use the terrace for a birthday party where you need more tables, you can move the bar out of the way. This frees up space for your entertainment on all tables and chairs.