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1 Kitchen

The most popular renovation place is (and will be in the near future) your kitchen. Kitchens have become a central part of homes everywhere. You can significantly improve the quality and value of your home by renovating that room first. There are endless ways to improve your kitchen, so consider upgrading your wardrobe style, adding islands, upgrading stone levels and new tiles.

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2 Basements

Most of the basement is unfinished due to new construction. Often there are only external walls built for insulation and a mechanical room. Renovating a basement is a great way to expand the living space in your home. Consider adding an entertainment room, guest bedroom, bathroom or even a wine room! Our design team will be happy to plan the renovation of your basement the way you want it.

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3 Bathrooms / bathrooms

Like kitchens, bathroom styles change every two years, and if your bathroom still has carpeted floors, you will need to renovate it! There are many styles of showers today. Tiled shower doors look very comfortable. Upgrading your toilet can improve the water efficiency in your home. Consider upgrading to a modern vanity with stone countertops, a modern sink and new faucets / furniture.

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4 Bedrooms

They are a private and personal space in your home. Why not renovate your room to meet your relaxation needs? Consider built-in shelves and cabinets, built-in cabinets or a hallway to your bathroom. Increasing the area of ​​the room gives you more space for easier access. The combination of the “Jack and Jill” bathroom between the two bedrooms is perfect for people with children.

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5 Cabinets

You don’t think about renovating your closet often, but simple upgrades can improve storage space. There are different styles of wardrobes. Cabinets can be adjusted to suit clothes and jewelry. Adding a wardrobe to the bedroom makes life much easier. Cabinets in the hallway and corridor can be upgraded with built-in shelves and a closet for jackets, shoes and all the needs for storing laundry.