Regardless of the size of your kitchen, there are always two complaints at the top of the list of homeowners: there is not enough storage space or it cannot be used efficiently. But while these problems may have been a major source of frustration in the past, today is your lucky day: we’re here to give you six insider tips to help you expand your storage space with everything. , from budget appliances to quality kitchen cabinets. Read on to find out how you can solve your kitchen problems in a smart and easy way that can even leave you a little space!


Switching cabinet doors to drawers is one of the hottest trends. While cabinets with doors and chaos go hand in hand, completely sliding boxes are a much more practical and cooler solution that allows you to see all their contents without having to bend over or move things. You just need to have a complete overview of your boxes at a glance, provided you organize them!

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Use the corners

Sometimes we can’t get everything – although we want a flawless kitchen floor plan, the size and shape of your room and cabinets may not match. But instead of letting awkward corners and corners be empty, why not think outside the box? Maybe you could fill the space with a pantry you’ve always dreamed of, a shelf for cooks and food guides, or wall hooks to which you can hang bulky pots and pans. No matter where your creative tracks are, you’ll benefit from realizing how well you’ve cleaned your counters and closets!

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Invest in a kitchen island

Too often, kitchen islands are considered primarily decorative and serve only as a casual dining room or a place to pour (and then forget) various items. If these are the only functions of your island, it’s time to dig a little deeper: couldn’t it also serve as a perfect storage space? The answer is definitely yes – you can equip the base with high quality kitchen furniture. Once again, installing a box is probably the best option for optimizing space and organization. Yes, and while you’re at it, why not clean the items off your island counter and store them in new boxes?

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Clean the closets

Even if you switch to drawers, your kitchen may still have top rows of cabinets that could be updated. Instead of pushing goods into the dark depths, you need to add shelves inside to improve visibility and organization. In addition, you can use hangers above the door, from pots and pans to aprons and wipes for cleaning. If you think about it, it’s amazing how much potential storage space is usually left unused!